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What is the best way to use Defense Soap for athletic hygiene?

Is Defense Soap considered an "antibacterial soap"?

Can the natural ingredients in Defense Soap damage the skin's healthy bacteria?

How does Defense Soap substantiate the claim that it is superior to all other soap for athletic hygiene?

Why is lather and rinse-ability so important when it comes to hygiene?

On average how long will a bar of Defense Soap last?

What is the difference between Defense Bar Soaps and Defense Shower Gel?

Does Defense Soap offer any clinical proof of its claims?

How is the quality of your products controlled during manufacturing?

There are many soaps that contain similar ingredients to Defense Soap what is different about the ingredients in Defense Soap?

Is Defense Soap safe to use on sensitive skin?

Is Defense Soap sold in stores in the UK?

What are Defense Essential Oils and Healing Salve and how should they be used?

What is the difference between Defense Soap Wipes and other similar products?

How long will a canister of Defense Soap Wipes last under normal conditions?

Does Defense Soap offer wholesale pricing?

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