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Welcome to Defense Soap UK. Defense Soap™ is the ultimate soap for wrestlers, jiu-jitsu and MMA athletes. Our soap bars are triple milled with pharmaceutical grade essential oils that are best known for their antifungal and antibacterial properties and their ability to help wash away the skin problems associated with grunge, mat grime, and skin funk.

Our Most Popular Products

Defense Soap Bar

The original and best selling soap. Our Defense Soap Bar 4 oz. is packed with a full 2% of high quality essential oils and manufactured in a FDA regulated facility. Our quality controlled manufacturing process assures the necessary consistency to achieve the kind of dependability and effectiveness you expect from Defense Soap.

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Defense Shower Gel

Defense Shower Gel 8 oz is formulated with the same essential oils as our bar soap. We also fortify the lather rich gel with additional ingredients that add to effectiveness and skin health. The result is a high quality deep cleansing natural product that gently cleans and nourishes the skin.

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Defense Body Wipes

Defense Body Wipes contain the same 100% natural essential oils as our bar soap and shower gel. The body wipes are an excellent choice when showering is not possible within 2 hours of training or competing. That’s the critical window for contagions to develop. Whether it's in between matches, during practices, or just to wipe down equipment Defense Body Wipes are the perfect way to keep your skin healthy while on the go. Each container holds 40 wipes.

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Defense soap is designed exclusively to prevent skin infections and to promote healthy alternatives to skin care for amateur wrestlers and MMA combat athletes.

Defense Soap has been promoting the benefits of natural ingredients for the use of preventing skin infections in contact sports for more than 9 years. As wrestlers and coaches ourselves we began by taking a personal interest in protecting our own athletes from contagious skin infections.

That success has developed into a commercial enterprise that now reaches tens of thousands of combat athletes across the UK, America, Europe & Asia. Defense Soap provides educational and clinical information that support total health through the promotion of nutrition, good hygiene and natural preventatives.

We offer a full line of natural, easy-to-use, bar soaps and body-washing gels designed specifically for MMA athletes and amateur wrestlers. The active ingredients contained in Defense Soap include a proprietary formulation of natural essential oils known to kill viruses, bacteria and fungus with minimal disruption of the skin’s natural healthy bacteria.

These natural antimicrobial agents have been clinically shown, to be effective against MRSA, staph, impetigo, ringworm and herpes. Defense Soap contains no harmful chemicals like triclosan, alcohol or fragrances. So it works with the skin's natural immunities not against it.

Defense Soap. Defend what you have built.

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After a few ringworm infections and getting a nasty case of staph in my leg in 2013 I searched out how to avoid something similar in the future. I found defense soap and have been infection free since.

– D Williams

Our son is a wrestler, and had to watch out for the occasional ringworm infection. Since using this soap, we have not seen any skin infections!

– S Norton

Ok so I don't wrestle, what I am is a person with diabetes and bad healer. The salve healed the cracks in my hands in 3 days. Amazing stuff thank you so much!

– A Young

Being a wrestler my whole life and now jiu-jitsu practitioner, I'm no stranger to the infections associated with the grappling arts and was looking for quality protection. I've tried other soaps out on the market and my biggest complaint was the dry, itchy feeling I was left with. Defense soap offers amazing protection while keeping your skin hydrated. Also noticed clearer skin with regular use.

– D Kyle


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